Following the return to Spain of Emilio Millán, Biggleswade United are delighted to announce that Alex Salvador is to take over as the club’s first team coach with immediate effect.

Alex has been the club’s assistant coach since Emilio took charge last November. He will be aided by new number two, Tom Farr, aged just 22, who will be combining his role as coach at Stevenage FC Academy with that of new first-team assistant coach.

Alex is just 27 years old but is already a Pro Licence holder with a wealth of experience behind him.

Club chairman, Guillem Balagué was quick to pay tribute to the job done by Emilio before adding that the club’s choice of successor was never in doubt.

“When you have a game plan, policy, and an ideology that is based on continuity as we have at Biggleswade United then the next step is as easy as it is logical, and so Alex Salvador – currently assistant first-team coach – moves up to number one, the same transition as when Emilio took over from Jimmy Martin in November and the way we like to operate at this club.”

Emilio will be leaving the club to take over as head coach at UD Tomares’ Under-18 side in Spain.

UD Tomares are based just outside Seville and play in one of the highest leagues for its age group in the country, playing in the same division as the same aged sides of Primera Liga clubs like Sevilla and Real Betis.

It is a league regarded by everyone in Spain as the proving ground of both players and coaches alike and an environment where success both on and off the pitch invariably brings with it elevation to the higher echelons of Spanish football.

Those who do well there are invariably headhunted by professional clubs in Spain.

“It was certainly an offer he could not refuse and Emilio leaves with our blessing and our thanks for what he has done for the club during his time with us. We are truly honoured to have helped to play a part, however small, in his development.”

“Personally, I always knew Emilio was destined for bigger things and I’m sure that he will also feel his brief, though very timely, stay with us has helped set him on the path to success and career fulfilment.”

“We wish him all the success in the world for the future,” added Mr Balagué.

He was, however, less than pleased with the way Emilio’s new club went about securing the coach’s services.

“We know we are just a small and modest club but we are still old fashioned enough to believe that there is a correct way of doing things and making initial contact with us before contacting Emilio would have been little more than basic good manners and a detail that would have been appreciated.”

“But that’s in the past and now we move on to what I know will be a bright future with Alex and Tom at the helm,” he concluded.