Biggleswade United are delighted and very proud to announce that MP for North East Bedfordshire Alistair Burt, has come on board with BUFC as Vice President.
Alistair brings a wealth of experience in public service and community engagement with him and his long term vision for the community of Biggleswade will be vital in our development as a club.


Director of Football, Guillem Balague welcomes local MP Alistair Burt to BUFC.


NE Bedfordshire MP Alistair Burt says that he is “very proud” to have been asked to be an honorary Vice president of Biggleswade United. Mr Burt, a keen supporter of the non-league game and a regular visitor to many non-league grounds, appreciated the opportunity to be even more involved.

Mr Burt said: “I am very proud that Chairman Chris Lewis and the board have asked me to take on this position. Local clubs are at the heart of the community, with tireless voluntary efforts from coaching to ground maintenance. We would all be the poorer without them. United has an ambitious programme for their youngsters and for the club’s development, in harmony with sports development throughout the town, which I am supporting.
I will fiercely support my local clubs against any opposition from outside, though I think they all know that I retain a neutrality when my constituents play each other! I hope that will still be allowed”

Mr Burt had this further to say about football on taking up the role as Vice President at the club:

“Its so important to recognise that so many youngsters get an awful lot out of belonging, the sense of community that a football club embodies. I think what’s been happening here at Biggleswade United has been terrific. For me and my constituents to see the club develop, the ideas that it has and what’s been brought in from the outside is very exciting. It fits in with a thriving non league football scene in the area and luckily I have a number of clubs in my constituency that are all working very hard, but there is something rather special here and its nice to be involved.
I’ve been watching football for 50 years and have been coming to Second Meadow for a long time. I play football, I watch it, I love what the game has to offer, because at its best as a team game it helps develop people to recognise they have to work with one another. You can’t hide, everyone has a particular job to do, football brings this out and at its best, I think that’s what it can deliver along with the sense of community that goes with football teams…that’s also very important to me.
I think there is a phenomenon going on right through the country at non league football. Perhaps there is an argument that professional football at the elite level is showing a disconnect and one or two people are wondering what the connection is. When you have players that are asking for a quarter of a million pounds a week to play, the gap between elite professional football and the grass roots game has expanded enormously over the last 50 years.
I’m watching much more non league football and have a number of non league teams in my constituency and if you look at stories all across the country, people are coming back to it as there is a reality and earthiness to the non league game, that people remember, that’s how football used to be.
The game will die unless the community grass roots level is strong”.

Our Chairman, Chris Lewis had this to say about Mr Burt’s appointment at Biggleswade United:

“We as a club are thrilled that Alistair has decided to join us here at Second Meadow as Vice President of the club. We really hope we can serve the local community in the same dedicated way that he has done for so many years. We share the same values on the importance of community and how football can be a huge part of that. His knowledge of the area and the general sentiment of the people will be vital in helping us to mould and shape this club into the type of institution that the local community wants and needs. Alistair is such a positive person to be around and you can’t help but be inspired when you hear him talk about his constituency. When the opportunity came up to invite Alistair to join us here as Vice President, it really was a no brainer for us. And it goes without saying, we fully support his desire to assist and support other clubs and organisations in his constituency. He is doing a great job in that and our association with Mr Burt certainly wont impede that”.

We hope as a club that we can represent the town in the same way that NE Bedfordshire MP Mr Burt has done for so many years. We look forward to working with him to make Biggleswade a stronger community for the future.