The One Glove Company are excited to be partnering with a club with such potential and a great future ahead. We look forward to working with the goalkeepers across all ages at Biggleswade United and hope this be the start of a long future.

The One Glove Company was founded in 2004 and began with tests and surveys into the structure, materials and requirements of the modern day goalkeeper glove.

Looking at the goalkeeper glove market we realised there was a need for a goalkeeping glove at an affordable price that could boast all of the positive attributes of the top brands including quality, fit and comfort – a professional glove, without the premium price tag.

We surveyed the market extensively from International to Sunday League keepers to find the attributes needed for us to make the most comfortable glove for all levels of the game. Many prototypes with combinations of latex, thickness and cut were tried and tested by calling on the help from some of the most experienced players and goalkeeping coaches in the game.

Today, our gloves are not only endorsed by professional goalkeepers across the UK, but have expanded to an extensive range of products offering a professional but cost effective solution for keepers of all levels, whatever your requirements.

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