Here at Biggleswade United we are proud to be a part of Bedfordshire. Whether the powers that be in Bedfordshire are proud to represent Biggleswade is something I’m not so sure about, because if they are then they seem to have a very strange way of showing it.

The rise in media interest in our family club means that we are frequently forced to correct a popular misconception many people have about the town. Biggleswade is NOT in Hertfordshire, it is very much in Bedfordshire, although heaven knows, for an outsider looking in it’s an understandable error.

Here’s the reality.

Apart from our foundation sides who train on an area smaller than a tennis court on what used to be part of the club’s car park at Second Meadow, not one single Academy side from Under 11 upwards has winter training facilities available to it within easy access in the county of Bedfordshire.

It would be wrong for me to say that here at Biggleswade we have poor facilities. In terms of winter training which takes up around half of the season, what we have here is NO facilities at all; nothing, zilch, nada, niente, sweet diddly squat!

So we are left with no choice other than to go cap in hand to the neighbouring county of Hertfordshire in a desperate and undignified search for some kind of civilised infrastructure that we can hire in order to be able to coach the ever-growing numbers of boy and girls that are joining our club.

Constantly searching out venues requires huge levels of imagination and perspiration and frankly is beginning to wear us down not to mention the crippling financial implications that come with it.

The need for better sports facilities for ALL sports clubs in Bedfordshire, not just Biggleswade United, is palpable.

The creation of a Community consisting of strong, fair-minded, tolerant, disciplined, focused young people is neither accidental nor a God-given right. It is a team effort where everyone plays their part. Parents, guardians, coaches and teachers that can aid the formation of today’s youth via any sport or pastime that might light their fire and, of course, the youngsters themselves.

Authorities, associations and funding organisations who have it in their remit to help to make the  Communities they represent better places need to play their part; and they don’t. Instead, they sit on their hands, look away and then occasionally gripe about ‘the youth of today’, the rising crime rates, lack of respect, obesity issues et al.

They lack the courage or the foresight to take a good look at themselves in the mirror, to take on board the fact that while they should be part of the solution what they are in reality is a major part of the problem.

Back to matters on the pitch. Tomorrow (Sat) we look to extend our winning run which has seen us score nine goals in the past two games when we welcome Wembley to Second Meadow (KO: 3pm).

See you there,