With just five games left to play, here at Biggleswade United we continue to fight for the highest possible finish, safe in the knowledge that we are currently enjoying our most successful season ever.

In the league, since losing to Hadley back in February, we have racked up five wins on the bounce, scoring 16 goals and conceding just one.

We now owe it to our loyal fans, our stalwart volunteers, but also to ourselves, to keep up the momentum and battle right through to the final whistle.

The chances of us actually topping the table at the end of the season are highly unlikely although not yet mathematically impossible and I have been around football long enough to know that in this magnificently crazy game you should never say never.

If we can secure maximum points from our last five games it will mean we will finish the season on 83 points. If our rivals for the title – Tring Athletic, Hadley or Biggleswade FC – can do better, then we will be the first to shake their hands and congratulate them, primarily because that is the thing to do, but also because they will have won it rather than had it handed to them.

The key to the success of our first team is continuity and stability as we continue to grow. Its continued growth will be built on those standards that have stood the test of time: honesty, integrity, passion, hard work and commitment and it will be constructed brick by brick, painstakingly, unglamorously, effectively and for the long term and most importantly, for everyone.

As ever, not everything is in our hands. Our success this season has attracted – and will continue to do so –  the attention of other clubs to both players and coaches alike, and like so many other clubs we face a constant battle in trying to hold on to our assets and persuade them that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

In striving to achieve our ambitions it is impossible to overstate the importance of sponsorship to our club  and tomorrow (Sat) we look forward to hosting, potentially, our biggest crowd of the season when we welcome all of our various team sponsors to the club tomorrow for a special sponsors day to coincide with our match against Arlesey Town (KO: 3pm).

It will be a chance for me and all the teams (coaches, players, parents) to meet and personally thank all those who have helped us financially, and in kind, and also to show and explain to them where their contributions are going and just what we are trying to build at the club.

And it will also be a wonderful way for me to bring the curtain down on a week that saw me meet up with and interview fellow Football Beyond Borders patron, Chris Smalling, and touch base for a BBC feature with my friend of many years going back to my Liverpool days, Newcastle manager, Rafa Benitez.

See you there,