Have you heard the one about the Englishmen, Scotsman, Irishman and Spaniard? No it’s not a joke but a description of part of the ‘melting pot’ that is the Biggleswade United dressing room.

The richness of the changing room is the different diverse cultures and viewpoints that inhabit it and eventually come together as a unit, a team.

Winning is wonderful but it isn’t all about that, it isn’t everything. It’s about trying to ensure varied assortment of individuals can get the most they possibly can from working as one. Long may it continue.

To that end of course we are always more than conscious that the essence of what we are trying to build here at the club must grow from the bottom upwards, from the youngest up to the first team, and in that department our Academy under the watchful gaze of Fran Constancio is growing in leaps and bounds.

We are currently looking for new players for our Girls squads for next season, so If you are a schoolgirl in years 9, 10, 11 or 12 and want to play football, come and join us. We train every Tuesday and Thursday at Knights Templar School, Baldock at 5:30pm and if you would like more information or to attend / register for a trial, please contact fran.constancio @biggleswadeunited.com

Similarly we are also looking for U16s & U18s players for next season to play in their squads in the stronger Eastern Junior Alliance League as well as volunteers to involves themselves in all aspects of running the sides

If you would like to attend or register for a trial, or offer yourself as a volunteer please contact Fran for the U16s or : sam.goodman@biggleswadeunited.com for the U18s.

We are looking to train with these sides either at Giles School in Stevenage(U16s) or at Baldock (U18s) and as appreciative as we are of the facilities offered by them, we would of course love to be able to offer our own top notch 3G type of facility to our youngsters; facilities that we have been told on numerous occasions are on their way.

The last time I mentioned the never ending saga of a 3G pitch we all got a swift reaction from the Beds FA not actually giving us any more information but reprimanding us for having had the temerity to bring the subject up at all.

Since then we have contacted them again asking the usual ‘if’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ questions about the promised facility and once again the silence has been deafeaning. You don’t speak and we’ll say nothing seems to be the current state of play and in the meantime we all have to travel miles in search for usable pitches for our youth or, locally, condemn them to swamps the RSPCA wouldn’t allow you to graze a pit pony on.

Angry is not the word.

But we move on and tomorrow (Sat ko 3pm) welcome Hadley to Second Meadow.

See you there