The thing that makes me most proud about Biggleswade United is what a fantastic team we have – and I’m not just talking about what happens on the pitch.

The truth is that the actual playing of matches is merely one very small part of what is involved, and essential in the running of a football club, and huge amounts of vital work are carried out behind the scenes to ensure that the club functions on a day to day basis.

Only recently Academy secretary, William Glasswell met with all the individual team secretaries to discuss things like the ordering of kit, the organisation of the Christmas party and the daily running of the sides that ensure that everyone is always singing from the same song sheet.

We now have a media team in place that guarantees the name of our club is seen in both social and conventional media as well as regularly on our website.

The marking of the pitch, the organisation of the fixtures, the running of the bar and clubhouse and many more things are done on a regular, unpaid, and often unheralded, basis by Club secretary, Tracey James and fixtures secretary, Heather Rennie.

Like so many others at the club they do it for love, not for lucre, and without them we simply couldn’t function. I have said it before but it bears repetition. Without them we are dust.

I recently went to watch a training session taken by Cristian Colas and Joan Garzon that was a mixture of the first team, Under 23s and under 18s. Whilst there I touched base with Club President, Peter Dean who, behind the scenes is busy lobbying the local authorities to try to get the necessary help and permissions that will help us to improve our infrastructure.

Tedious, repetitive representations to the powers that be, sometimes on small issues but nonetheless vital to us.

For example, we have a couple of containers on site that we would like to convert into a kind of tea hut and refreshment area as well as an office and storage space and to do that we need to get the necessary permissions and, in the process, working on the theory that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, see if we can receive some kind of financial backing to help us with it.

Going back to the clubhouse, in addition to match days and training nights, Tracey and Heather make sure this opens on a regular basis to be used as a facility for events like meetings, social events and functions that can help to raise much needed finances to help with the running of the club.

For us the clubhouse is the focal point of the club and, personally, I would love even more events to take place there and see it used very much as a centre for the whole community.

Approval of licenses permitting, I would love the idea of holding a monthly music night featuring local bands and I would love to hear from anyone out there with a love for both football and music that feels they could help us to organise such an event.

Of course it is fundamentally about football but we should never forget just what goes on behind the scenes that allow our players to cross the whitewash week in, week out.

And talking about football a last weekend’s 1-1 draw at Wembley felt more like two points lost than one gained and we now need to start putting some results together if we want to start to climb up the table.

And what better way to do that than with two home games this week with Edgware Town the visitors tomorrow (Sat ko 3pm) before Colney Heath call into Second Meadow on Tuesday night (ko 7.45pm).

See you there