One of the most important things in any football club is communication, off the pitch as well as on it. The left hand has got to know what the right hand is doing and it is amazing how often, even in the biggest of organisations, clubs come up short in this department.

We are no different, which is why we have appointed Tim Brown as technical secretary to the senior side with a brief to keep a watchful eye over the under23s and the development programme we have with Stevenage and act as a conduit between them and Jimmy Martin and the rest of the first team management set up.

He will also perform the same role as a link between the ladies first team and the younger girls sides.

In many clubs every side runs the risk of becoming its own little kingdom and a close liaison and co-operation is vital to ensure that everyone sings from the same song sheet.

One person that has known right from the start about the importance of communication has been our Academy head, Fran Constancio who is constantly involved with all the sides contained within the Academy. He is now so busy monitoring all sides, watching games, liaising with coaches, parents, team secretaries, league officials et al, that his coaching role has had to take a bit of a back seat, even though I know it is what he loves doing the most.

He came to us on the recommendation of Pako Ayestaran, the former assistant to Rafa Benitez and ex-manager of Valencia and Las Palmas who rated him very highly indeed. He wasn’t wrong.

Every six weeks he organises a coaches meeting where he or a special guest will give a special master class on something relevant to coaching. He looks after the finances, chases sponsorship and devotes himself wholeheartedly to the growth and improvement of our Academy. He is an essential part of our club – one of the many we have at Biggleswade United – and a fundamental reference point to what we are trying to build here and we are truly blessed to have him on board.

But he knows, as we all do, that we’ve still got a long way to go; our journey has only just begun. With people like Fran putting their shoulder behind the wheel I know it is not a matter of ‘if’ we get there, but rather ‘when’. Trust me, we will prevail; of that I am certain.

And speaking of the Academy we are currently looking for a goalkeeper to join our under 16 side. Anyone interested should contact team coach Darren Hunt on 0754 745 0556

I am currently in Spain, but by the time you read this I will back in Biggleswade preparing for my favourite night out namely, FA Vase football and – as a special bonus – played on a Friday night, the best possible way to kick off the weekend.

We welcome Wormley Rovers to Second Meadow for this FA Vase match tonight (Fri 7’45pm). I can’t wait.