Our Wembley game was vitally important for so many reasons. From a footballing point Wembley were always going to be a tricky opponent on an excellent playing surface which would always allow us to play.

But in truth the build up to the game left a bad taste in the mouth and there was an unwelcome edge to the game following an email we received from the club telling us we couldn’t film the match for our YouTube channel.

It later transpired that we could have filmed there but only if we paid the club for the privilege. In conversations with a club official we were told that everything was up for negotiation and as we were a “rich club” – something that came as news to all of us – we could afford it.

At this point might I remind everyone that this is the same Wembley FC that around nine months ago appealed for support in a trademark battle over their club badge and the FA who thought the registering of said badge might work in conflict to their interests abroad.

The same members that kissed the badge, issued a call to arms, made all sorts of noises about unity, all brothers together, the little man ploughing a lone furrow in his battle against the Draconian jackboot of the corporate giant.

The same group that launched a petition that urged all members of the non-league family to sign, now performing a volte face and demanding that a member of the self same alleged ‘family’ whose support they had previously asked for, should have to shell out some of the precious little ‘wonga’ they have, to allow one of their volunteers to film at their ground.

Needless to say we declined their offer.

We are trying to promote non-league football and to put it out there in the most favourable light that we can and we make not a sou, not a brass farthing, from our YouTube channel.

The gate at Wembley was, I am reliably informed, around the 70 mark. At least ten times as many people would have tuned in to see highlights of the match. How on earth are we going to get the non-league message out there with this kind of approach.  The attempts of Wembley FC to make a few quid out of it at our expense have not helped us, themselves and least of all the promotion of non-league football. I am not impressed. Wembley should be ashamed of themselves.

But we answered them in the best way possible taking the points with a 3-2 win and, in the process extending our undefeated run to seven games in all competitions, a run that we can hopefully extend tomorrow (Sat ko 3pm) when Leverstock Green call into Second Meadow.

See you there,