My attempts this week to write my column for a Spanish newspaper on Real Madrid’s performance against Viktoria Plzen were not helped by the fact that I was trying to watch Real Madrid on television while simultaneously watching our win against Biggleswade FC on my iPad.

The problem was that  I couldn’t keep my eyes off the Biggleswade match.

What a great performance. Consistency, great delivery of the ball, and a plan that we stuck to following hours of preparation ensured a well deserved victory.

There are differences, of course, in the levels of individual quality, the biggest one being the split second reactions shown by players after losing the ball. True class is often determined by players’ reactions and the level of intensity shown both with and without the ball.

But I have nothing but praise for our side as we now look forward to playing in the next stage of the Bedfordshire Senior Cup, one of several local cup competitions we compete in every season.

I had spoken to coach Jimmy Martin earlier who said that he really felt like the side was gradually growing into the team that we all want them to become. He reminded me that he had told me a few times that this was a derby match we could win; that we were going to win.

My complaint in the past has never been about our capabilities, which I haven’t doubted for a second, but rather our inability to demonstrate consistently just how good we can be when we set our minds to it.

The achievement of success is  all about the realisation of an idea regarding what we want the club to do and to that end we need to pay tribute to Jimmy Martin who is doing an excellent job both in the gradual improvement of the side on the pitch but also for the atmosphere and close camaraderie that he has created within the camp, off it.

This camaraderie and closeness is absolutely essential for teams to grow. Coaches sometimes spend entire careers looking for a way to harness this type of spirit and Jimmy has managed to achieve it in his first year as a senior coach.

In a perfect world I would like to see us being perhaps a bit more ruthless in front of goal, more clinical in finishing the many chances that we are creating, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that the opportunities are being made.

Hopefully we have now stabilised the boat and we can now start sailing towards bigger and better times at the club.

Next up are Edgware Town who come to Second Meadow tomorrow (Sat KO 3pm) for a league match before we welcome Hadley on Tuesday night (KO 7.45pm) in the next round of the League Challenge Trophy.

See you there,