The Christmas festivities are fast approaching and unfortunately along with that frequently comes the bad weather that precludes us from holding full training sessions with all of our sides.

Recently however, to combat this, and by way of some sort of alternative  we have begun to hold what are known as ‘invisible’ training sessions which focus on other aspects of a training regime other than that centred around the physical fitness and ball work we very often do.

Invisible training is an incredibly useful system to know, especially when your limited outdoor training facilities fall victim to the weather or even when a lack of outside space makes some inside work a viable other option.

It concerns such things as classes in proper nutrition, stretching and rolling exercises, the teaching of proper warm-up and cool down procedures, and massage and chiropractic procedures.

Most importantly what it can teach you above anything else is how best to train, how to get the maximum benefit from it  and also how to recover most efficiently from the exertions of heavy training sessions.

We will be holding a full meeting of our Academy on December 4 when we will have a photographer at the  club and pictures of all our sides taken not to mention some good food and perhaps a bit of a knees-up.

Talking of a bit of a knees-up we had the pleasure of welcoming the internet footballing sensation that is Hashtag United to Second Meadow last Sunday for a friendly match in aid of one of our preferred charities, Football Beyond Borders.

Every time they play, their matches are filmed and covered with a similar professionalism and intensity as many top flight games and then put on Youtube where they have developed a cult following.

For that reason I am sworn to secrecy as to the result of the match, although I’m sure I’m not giving too much away if I say it’s well worth watching although for me personally, probably not my finest hour. It was a great day with some of the coaches and our chairman Chris Lewis coming out of retirement to play in a side made up of a mix of first and under 23 team players. Anyone who wants to find out what happened  will have to go on line to watch this clash of the giants contested by the two sides who are sponsored by the Top Eleven managers game.

Back to the day job and tomorrow (Sat 3pm) we welcome to Second Meadow a Wembley side that are currently fifth in the table  and who have lost just three out of their 14 league games this season, scoring a hugely impressive 52 goals in the process.

It should be quite a game.

See you there.