Oh dear, here we go again.  New management team, some new players, but the same old rollercoaster, the same inconsistency.

It would be an understatement to say this is not exactly the start of the season we envisaged here at Biggleswade United, although it all started so well.  But our 5-1 opening league win against Cockfosters flattered to deceive and our subsequent performances – a 1-4 away defeat at Biggleswade FC  and elimination from this season’s FA Cup –  have, frankly, not been good enough.

Here at the club we are realistic and do not expect to win all the time. What we do demand, however, is that everyone strives to play to their full potential and after just four games nobody should be under any illusion.  Nobody has got a place guaranteed in the line up and, even if we can’t, we aim to win every game. We cannot carry passengers.

We will not waiting too long for players to show us what we know they can do, what they’re made of.  We know we have players more than capable of producing the goods at this level, and that is why they were brought to the club, but they need to realise that we will not hang around waiting for them to demonstrate it.

There are a whole host of people that are putting a lot of effort and many hours of hard, thankless work at this club. They deserve better and the very least they, and our loyal band of supporters, can expect is players who listen, act as they have been instructed and maximise their potential.

Our lack lustre performance on Tuesday night means we will now be focusing predominantly on the league and the FA Vase and the last thing I want to contemplate is a scenario where we are one month down the road and out of all the major Cup contests and trailing in everyone’s wake in the league.

Just making it past the extra preliminary and preliminary rounds into the first qualifying round – something that should have been eminently achievable –  would have earned the club more than £5,000. And that kind of money is so hard to get for clubs like ours.

In its simplest form falling at the first hurdle at Wellingborough means that we will earn just £750 as extra preliminary round losers as opposed to £2250 had we won. That is £1500 we could have done with at the club.

On the plus side we have now a full ladies side at the club, something which used to be a feature at the club many years ago, and also something that will benefit our girls sides from a coaching point of view but also by giving them a senior side that they can now aspire to be a part of.

They start their season at the Arena, Baldock, with a friendly against Welwyn Pegasus this Sunday (ko 2pm), the first match of what will be a new chapter in the on-going story that is Biggleswade United FC.  Your support would be very much appreciated.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to winning ways with our visit to London Tigers tomorrow (Sat ko 3pm).