I have never doubted the power of football at all levels to unite players of all ages, levels, gender, nationalities, colours and creeds to work for the common good.

The trip to Valencia recently undertaken by members our girl’s teams is one of the proudest moments I can remember since I arrived at Biggleswade United.

We played two games, the first against a Levante side, which we lost 2-0, and then against Valencia girls, which finished 5-3 in favour of our hosts.

But the results are incidental to what was a magnificent trip and experience for our girls, both on and off the pitch, and where they represented their club and there country with honour and distinction.

After their game against Valencia on Sunday they also had tickets for the Valencia v Levante local derby and then the icing on the cake was meeting up after the match for photos with Valencia first team squad full back, Toni Lato, who was born in Poble de Valbona the next village to where Academy Head, Fran Constancio heralds from.

Congratulations to everyone involved from the tireless Fran for organising the trip, the parents and helpers, Levante and Valencia, but above all to the girls who I know thoroughly enjoyed a trip that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

But now it’s back to reality for everyone concerned. I spoke to Fran who told me It’s difficult not to feel envious when you see what the girls teams in Spain have by way of things like 3G pitches, specially designated dressing rooms and training areas especially when you compare them to the woeful facilities on offer to the young people of Bedfordshire.

Young people, incidentally, who are constantly berated to take more exercise, do more sport, eat better, watch less television and spend less time on the computer and then given precisely nothing to encourage or help them along that road.

‘Envious’ is not the first adjective that springs to my mind.

On Monday I will be doing a special for Talksport Radio on goalkeeping and I have invited all the club goalkeepers from the youngsters all the way up to the first team to join us as to listen in as I chat with Toni-Anne Wayne the Spurs ladies goalkeeper and Bournemouth goalkeeper, Asmir Begovic, a real friend of Biggleswade United.

In our non-stop campaign to raise funds for the club I am also indebted to my old friend Mauricio Pochettino for giving us to auction on eBay the latest England National Team shirt signed by all current Tottenham Hotspur players in the current England squad namely Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Danny Rose, Harry Winks and Kieran Trippier

Back to business and after a thumping 6-0 win over Hadley last weekend we now face four away first team games on the bounce starting with a trip to Edgware Town tomorrow (Sat ko 3pm).