So much more than just the game to running a football club.

Until I became seriously involved with Biggleswade United, I never really understood just what was required to ensure the efficient running of a football club at whatever level they compete at.

It is for that reason that as part of my work with the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) I have invited our chairman, Gareth Davies and Secretary, Tracey James to talk to the students about just what is needed so our club – any club – can function on a weekly basis.

A two hour seminar is only ever going to be long enough to scratch the surface but if we can get the message across that it isn’t just about playing 90 minutes plus added on time on any given Saturday and much more about day in, day out, perspiration rather than occasional flashes of inspiration, then hopefully they’ll get the idea.

There are the fixtures to coordinate, training schedules to prepare, publicity to get in place, grass to cut, kit to wash, turnstiles to man, programmes to produce, forms to fill, changing rooms to clean, reports to file, food to prepare, complaints to listen to, on-going issues to resolve, and we still haven’t kicked a ball yet.

Then on the playing side is the organisation of the type of game we want to play and the responsibility of hiring the right personnel that can help us implement the style and approach we are looking for. And everything has to be done on a shoestring budget with any number of us going out on a regular basis with our begging bowl in the search for much needed funds.

We are not inventing the wheel here but merely trying – along with  many others –  to create a club that the whole Community can feel they are a part of.

It’s all about challenges and how we deal with them., and the biggest single challenge is getting enough volunteers involved in every aspect of the club, to help us meet the commitments we face on a weekly basis.

And in this technological times we are constantly looking for people to help us on the social network, keep us in the public eye, keep the pot boiling.

And like a child it is constantly evolving, growing by the day. We now, once again,  have a ladies first team and while it is still in its infancy and currently a learning curve for all of us,  the same rules and general expectations apply as they would to any of our sides be they young or old, boys or girls, mens or ladies, in every aspect of its running be it with training, weekly preparation for future matches or  whatever is needed to function.

Victory against Wembley puts us into the quarter finals of the Premier Division Cup  and hopefully gets us back on track after our 2-1 defeat at Hadley  last weekend.

Work commitments meant I have been spending quite a lot of time in Spain recently and what better opportunity to catch up with everyone  than an FA Vase day.

Holbeach United are our guests tomorrow (Sat ko 3pm)as we aim to make it through into the next round of this wonderful competition,  the importance of which I never fully appreciated until quite recently. I now know just how much impetus and feelgood factor a good run in this competition can generate around a community.

Let’s see if we can get one step closer to Wembley.

See you there