Wow!! Where did that go? It seems like only yesterday that I was looking forward to a new season at Biggleswade United and now it’s over – well almost anyway.

There is still a very important match left to play, namely our Under 15 girls league cup final match against Tattanhoe Youth at Kempston Rovers ground tomorrow (Sat ko 3pm)

The growth and interest in girls football at our club, and throughout the area generally, has been one of the most exciting and heartwarming aspects of the Biggleswade United project, and there for all to see in the wonderful round robin tournament held at Second Meadow last weekend and featuring teams from Bedwell Youth, Langford and Flitwick Eagles as well as ourselves.

While it was nice to win it, the most rewarding aspect by a long way was the sight of more than 80 youngsters playing the game they love and being cheered on by a good crowd of supporters. None of this would be possible without the help of our band of magnificent volunteers and helpers. My gratitude knows no bounds and the mere word ‘thank-you’ seems hopelessly inadequate; we are truly blessed.

The improvements at all levels at the club have been seismic and in my opinion due to a very large part to the skill and commitment of our magnificent coaches coupled with a dedication and willingness to listen and learn from our youngsters.

The academy award presentations will take place when we return to the club house after the game and then in the evening we will hand out the season’s awards to our first and under 23 teams.

The usual nightmare of finding sufficient pitches to train on continues to the extent that it limits the number of teams we can actually run at the club. If we can find more facilities we are looking to continue to grow.

For the time being however we wil continue to ‘bang the drum’ and raise awareness with whoever is prepared to listen and with as many people in as many high places as possible about the need for improved sports and leisure facilities for our community.

We need to tell them that they are betraying the future of their heirs if they continue to do little more than pay mere lip service to their hopes of a healthier, less reliant, fitter, more pro-active future generation, by urging them to live better lives while simultaneously providing absolutely nothing that will help lead them along that path.

Moan over; Happy holidays. Onwards and upwards. See you next season.