It was wonderful  to get back to winnng ways with an excellent and very convincing 3-0 win over London Tigers this weekend.

What was most pleasing about our performance was how we – probably for only the second time this season – maintained our pressure for the whole of the match. Up to now we have normally started well, taken control, and then, inexplicably, allowed our opponents back into the game by taking an unauthorised nap in the second half.

Saturday’s match suggest that thankfully we seem to have addressed that problem and hopefully  have now successfully negotiated that particularly tricky corner.

It was also fabulous, if somewhat surreal, to actually watch the game not at the stadium but on our new YouTube station while sitting with my family on the Costa Brava. Hopefully our next step will be to broadcast live to millions of people on the YouTube and Facebook site of our sponsors Top Eleven as well as on the Biggleswade United facility.

To this end we will be looking to try to get the backing of local companies that want to be known globally as well as locally and who can use this medium to advertise their wares during the course of the games.

On a slightly sadder note I have been informed by our Academy coaches that although up to now we have had nothing less than a supportive and extremely welcome parental involvement for our younger sides there is now a small element that is applying too much pressure on some of the youngsters.

My message to them is clear and unambivalent. It has got to stop and stop now because this small minority need to realise – and realise quickly – that it is NOT all about winning, but more about the youngsters enjoying their football and learning life skills that will help to make them stronger, more-rounded, better adults.

It is wonderful to see the parents supporting their children but we will not accept the shouting of instructions from the line that go completely against what the coaches have asked the players to do.

In my opinion I think the parents’ job should be to encourage, applaud and support. The instructions about how to play the game will come from the coaches; that’s their job.

With all due respect to London Tigers, tomorrow’s match (Sat ko 3pm) against the unbeaten league leaders, Berkhamsted, certainly on paper looks like it should be a much sterner test. I would love it if we could be the first team to beat them this season in the league not least because it will send our confidence sky high while also sending out a message to the rest of the league that we are well and truly back in business.

Then on Tuesday night (ko 7.45pm) we travel to Hoddesdon Town for another league game.

Sadly, work commitments mean that  I have to be in Madrid for the Atletico v Real Madrid derby although on the plus side, once again, I will be able to watch the game on our new YouTube site. I can’t wait.